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The Sexual Alchemy Podcast

Nov 22, 2021

In this episode, I'll put myself on the spot. I've decided to stop censoring myself and reveal some things about me and who I am as a sexual being. In perhaps one of the most vulnerable episodes I've done so far, I'll share what I went through as a sexual healer at the beginning of my career and how I was perceived by men in the past. I'll also share how I discovered who I truly am, my mission, desires, what gets my juices flowing, and how I can help those men who are willing to join me on this fun ride.  

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- How my work as a sexual healer started 

- What were the results of working with requests coming from a place of shame and disrespect

- Why I decided to change my approach to my work in the sexual arena

- Who I am as a sexual being and why I love helping men discover their true sexual identity

- How my conscious Succubus helps me do my job as a sexual alchemist

I'm so passionate about being a sexual alchemist, because it allows me to go on a trip with men, healing deep shame, fear and conditioning habits that won't let them be who they really are as sexual beings. Thanks to this job, I've discovered my love for dwelling in, playing with and soaking in revealing sexual energy and arousal, not just mine, but yours too. For me, it is the finest gourmet food for my energy system. 


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