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The Sexual Alchemy Podcast

Nov 15, 2021

Today's episode is about low libido and sexual energy, the relationship between them, how to access your sexual energy and how to use your sexual energy to boost your libido. We will explore the various reasons why you might feel your libido fading or fizzling out. We will also go through three simple yet effective techniques that will help you connect with your sexual energy, and with time, learn how to make it grow, expand or be more intense at will. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- What sexual energy is and how we can access it

- What things can make your sexual energy feel low

- The difference between arousal and desire

- How we can switch on the Pilot Light

- What is the Magical Dial, and how we can access it

- How we can move our sexual energy throughout our bodies

It is helpful to know how to access your sexual energy, even if you don't feel it fading or fizzling out. Once you access it whenever you want, you can use it to play with it. You don't need to activate your sexual energy exclusively to have sex with someone or to masturbate; you can also use it to experience wider, broader, and more cosmic experiences. 


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