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The Sexual Alchemy Podcast

Nov 1, 2021

Today, I'm joined by Lara Besbrode, Founder and Certified Matchmaker at The Matchmaker UK. After a successful 30-year career in PR and Marketing, Lara reimagined her passion for people and networking and created her own matchmaking service. 

In this episode, we look at the world of matchmaking from Lara's business viewpoint, or as she defines it, from the top of the dating food chain. We discuss how dating apps can affect people's morale, self-esteem and mental health. We also explored the services The Matchmaker offers, who it is for, and we even go through some funny and happy ending stories from people who worked with Lara. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- How Lara Besbrode approaches matchmaking and who is on her team

- The difference between using dating apps and The Matchmaker's services

- How dating apps can blow people's self-worth and confidence

- Why the matchmaking industry gets negative press and how Lara’s company is changing that 

- How someone recognises that they are ready to start dating again

- How to deal with FOMO in the dating world

What many people don't ask themselves before jumping into a dating app is, what will this do to me? Am I ready to face criticism, experience rudeness, receive inappropriate messages or be ghosted? What about the time and the energy spent on it? On the other hand, when people commit to a matchmaking agency's journey, they get into an open-minded space of expansive energy. Perhaps they change their wardrobe, they get restyled or lose weight, and they might end up meeting someone of their own accord. It may look like magic, but it is the product of their commitment to an openness and self-discovery journey. 


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